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Stream of Consciousness Sunday is a five minute writing exercise. The rules are simple. No proofreading, no editing. Just a pure 5 minute brain dump. Click on the badge and head over to Jana’s Thinking Place if you’d like to link up.

No Writing Prompt Today:


I could write all day today and still I wouldn’t be done emptying this brain of mine. Where’s my prompt, Jana? I am so random and scattered lately that this additional bit of randomness thrown in has me spinning. Around and around and…

I’ve been wondering lately if I took on more than I can handle. Like maybe three blogs and a column is too much for one me. But then I think again and I remind myself that I need different outlets for the different aspects that make up the whole of who I am. It’s not so much that I didn’t want to clutter one blog with all my “stuff.” I couldn’t because… It just didn’t feel right… and…It has to feel right…for me.

My life is a scattered mess. My blogs have to be neat, orderly and specific. I can’t do Jambalaya blogging. Sometimes I wish I could. My life would be simpler. But..a post about my Lord and Savior, followed by a post about my lipstick, followed by a sponsored post about oatmeal cookies all on the same blog doesn’t work – for me. I need ORDER!

Where is my prompt, Jana?

I think I went over my five minutes so I’ll…


Be Blessed!


  1. I love Jambalaya too, just not on my blog.

  2. I guess random dumping helps. I just prefer my ramblings to be pointed in one direction as opposed to going every which way.

  3. That’s just it…I’m not managing. :(

  4. You had me at Jambalaya blogging. I’m from New Orleans and I miss my jambalaya!!! I know exactly what you mean about taking on too much. I think I’m guilty of that as well, which is why my SOC post had to do w/ letting something go….getting something off my plate.

    So glad I stopped by from SOC!

  5. I found a lot of humor in this Taylor especially the mixing of blog posts. And when you asked Jana. Few times for a prompt. When my mind is messy, I need a prompt, too. Helps me sort. My dumping is mostly random too!

  6. I’m glad you don’t have the Lord, lipstick and oatmeal cookies all in the same place. I agree, that its not you. I like your posts here and over there. I know it’s hard to maintain though. ONE blog is a lot. I’m amazed at people who can manage to write in them daily.

  7. I know I need it in at least one area of my life. :)

  8. I won’t make any promises, but I’m definitely checking out OctPoWriMo. Thanks!

  9. Oh, I love that term, Jambalaya blogging. I do that, I realize, and yet I have other blogs I keep up as well. I saw you write poetry and just have to throw a plug for OctPoWriMo as if you don’t have enough to do but hey, if you’re writing poetry anyway, you could just write SOC style poetry a la the beat poets and make new friends while you are at it! (Yes, that is at 31 poems in 31 days.) I can feel your brain traffic jam. That’s how I labeled mine for this SOC Sunday! Hugs and hope you can write it all out today!

  10. I love your reference to Jambalaya blogging. I think so much of what goes on is so mixed up and crazy that we need order!

    I love it! Thanks for sharing.

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