Day 7 | God Will Draw Close

40 Days with God.TaylorCares

 Day 7 | Forty Days with God James 4: 6-12

My base nature is sinful. An envious, yearning, and covetous spirit lives inside me.  Whether I want it or not – It’s there.  But living under the influence of a spirit that yearns for the things of this world is a choice.  We can’t serve God and man. Jesus said I’m either for Him or against Him. Wanting anything more than I want to please God is against Him.

That’s not to say that wanting prosperity or physical comforts is wrong. It’s not. But wanting them simply to satisfy myself is wrong and prideful and God will resist me. If I am blessed, I should want to be a blessing to others. I have a duty to examine my thoughts and desires and if my wants are selfish, humbly seek the Lord and confess. If I draw near in humility and obedience to Him, He will draw near to me.

God gives more and more grace. Christ can lift me above my desires and give me a heart to be happily content where I am, with what I have.  As I obey God and resist the devil, he will flee and take his worldly cravings with him.

As I come close to God He will come close to me. As I humble myself in the presence of the Lord of the universe, He will lift me up.

Tomorrow | Day 8 | The Humble will be lifted up | Luke 18:10-14

Be Blessed!